The documentation and object model use a certain terminology that you should be aware of.


Allows you to manage multiple different software projects, for example, one solution can contains a web application and windows application that need the same set of features. Each product has its own unique set of features.


Features are characteristics of your product that describe its appearance, components, and capabilities. A feature is a slice of business functionality that has a corresponding benefit or set of benefits for that product’s end user. Each feature has its own set of toggles.


Toggles allows you to control when a feature is enabled or not. Esquio provides many toggles out-of-the-box such us percentage rollouts, target specific users or environments, expiration dates or even hit the ‘kill’ switch for a feature programmatically.


Parameters are variables that toggles need in their validation process.


Deployments are the different environments or tenants where you deploy a Product.


A mechanisim to allow you to store persistent the Esquio’s object model such us products, features, toggles, parameters. Esquio provides out of the box two stores:

  • ASP.NET Core JSON Configuration Provider.
  • Http Provider to use with Esquio UI.