Esquio CLI

Esquio.CLI is a simple crossplattform dotnet tool that allows you to interact with Esquio UI from the command line. This tool can be used from build or release pipelines on Azure DevOps, Github Actions etc.

To install Esquio.CLI open a console window and type the following command using the .NET Core CLI:

dotnet tool install -g Esquio.Cli
Usage: dotnet-esquio [options] [command]

  -?|-h|--help  Show help information
Manage Esquio features using Esquio UI HTTP API
Manage Esquio parameters using Esquio UI HTTP API
Manage Esquio products using Esquio UI HTTP API
Manage Esquio toggles using Esquio UI HTTP API

Run ‘dotnet-esquio [command] –help’ for more information about a command.

All the commands allow to specify the uri and the api key to connect with Esquio UI, if don’t want to specify this parameters in all calls, Esquio CLI allow read this values form the ESQUIO_URI and ESQUI_API_KEY environment variables.: