Esquio & MiniProfiler

MiniProfiler is a simple but effective mini-profioder for .NET. It provides a Step instrumentation that you can add to the code you want to explicitly profile. Out of the box, MiniProfiler contains plugins for profiling ASP.NET Core, EF Core. But is extensible!.

We use this extensiblity to perform profiling over Esquio feature evaluations and show the elapsed evaluation time for each feature, each toggle and also show common errors for duplicate feature evaluation or exceptions inside toggle executions.

../_images/miniprofiler.png ../_images/miniprofilerdetails.png


To install MiniProfiler.Esquio open a console window and type the following command using the .NET Core CLI:

dotnet package add MiniProfiler.Esquio

or using Powershell or Package Manager:

Install-Package Esquio.AspNetCore

To configure MiniProfiler.Esquio on ASP.NET Core, add MiniProfiler service configuration and new Esquio plugin with AddEsquio:

    .AddMiniProfiler(options =>
        options.RouteBasePath = "/profiler";
        options.EnableServerTimingHeader = true;

        options.ResultsAuthorize = (_) => true;
        options.ShouldProfile = _ => true;